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Incredible How To Clean Drain Bathtub Ideas

Incredible How To Clean Drain Bathtub Ideas. Cover the drain to keep the. Use the commercial drain cleaner or stiff wire to fix the clogged.

How To Clean Drain In Bathtub Home Improvement
How To Clean Drain In Bathtub Home Improvement from

Fill a bathtub with water. Now, fill the bathtub with approximately an inch of water and watch it drain. Coat the plunger rim with petroleum jelly and run enough water into the tub to cover the plunger cup.

Now That You Have Identified The Type Of Stopper That You Have, You Can Remove It.

Bathtub drain and overflow plate removal and replacement complete guide replacing tub drain with broken t! Insert the plunger so that no air remains trapped under it. Here’s how to clean a bathtub step by step as well as what you should know about the different tub materials.

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Unscrew the overflow plate from the end of the tub. Use vinegar and baking soda blend with fresh water to get rid of all the hurdles and deodorize the bathtub drain. Wait for the ‘fizzing’ sound coming out from the reaction in the waste.

Use A Flathead Screwdriver To Remove The Gasket.

If the water still drains too slowly, move on to a stronger drain cleaner. Removal of the stopper will reveal the internal parts of the drain. With the drain removed, you can now clean the old seal.

(The Gasket Is A Black Rubber Ring That Helps Create A Seal.

Mix a 1/2 cup bleach in one gallon of water and wipe down the entire tub using a sponge. Clean and remove the stopper and strainer. Make the hole as airtight as possible.

Fill A Bathtub With Water.

This old house plumbing and heating expert richard trethewey shows how to fix a slow draining tub. Begin by clearing anything from inside the tub and. Feed a drain snake down the overflow hole.

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